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21 Mar

Figurative, Still Life, Animal Portrait Paintings:

Beneath the Surface

DotCom_webObserving people has always fascinated me. Interpreting the content of a conversation or the context of a situation by observing only the visual cues is intriguing. Each of us superimposes our personal experiences upon every situation, reading between the lines to form our own impressions. Our interpretations of the same set of cues can be surprisingly different. Emotional interactions and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships are at the coreof my latest work. The subtle nuances of body language convey many meanings, and it is this ambiguity that I find most interesting. In this new series of paintings, entitled “Beneath the Surface”, my subjects appear in complex, emotionally charged scenes like performers in a play. They are strangers to us, yet we seem to know who they are. I have formed my own stories, but prefer to leave viewers just enough room to interpret the scenes from their point of view.


American Working Men

Migrant Workers2_mInspired by events in the news – the faltering economy, the Occupy Movement, the 99% –  my “American Working Man” Series depicts the daily struggle for survival that fills the lives of men and women across this country. These are the everyday heroes who scratch out a living and hope their paychecks will stretch far enough to cover the basics. Beyond these exhausted faces, we see the families who depend on them; we imagine their dreams and share in their hopes for a better future.This work is resolutely political. It makes visible the forgotten and consciously overlooked laborers who build the roads, houses, schools and warehouses that hold the aspirations, wealth and the dreams for the future of the classes just above them.

Still Lifes

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

The history of Still Life painting is about recording the everyday objects that make up most of the narrative of life. It’s a type of archaeology, determining class and wealth, daily activities, and documenting (in this case with paint) these observations so that they form a visual diary. The same is true of contemporary Still Life painting. These paintings are the pages of my own journal, a testament to daily routines and meditations.

Fully Loaded


Pet Portraits

My pet portraits are motivated by my love of animals. It’s really important to me that the portrait captures both the soul and the singular personality of each animal and I access this through the expression of the eyes. Looking into the eyes of your pet gives me a unique entry point into discerning the character of your dog or cat.

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