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Exhibition July 2012

23 May


– A New Point of View –

7 Bay Area Artists show their latest work during the month of July 2012

Painting, Photography, Steel Sculpture, Glass Sculpture

Gallery Reception July 13, 6 to 9 pm

Sue Averell

Acrylic Painting


Artist Statement:

I approach my Botanical series of works differently than the other subjects I paint. Unlike my Urban Landscape series where the composition and color is meticulously planned, my botanical series allows me the freedom to explore form and content in a more abstract way. The content is always the same; floral shapes, leaves, stems and a clear vase. With all this decided and deliberately sketched with marker on my orange primed canvas, my mind is free to explore the paint application. A good painting session is where I like the result, a great session is where I discover a new way of making a mark with paint or a different color story unfolds before me. The difficult part is recognizing that something is different and incorporating it into the subject. After this new way of making a mark is practiced I often incorporate it into my Urban Landscape series. By experimenting with my technique I am challenged to grow as an artist and that growth inspires me to continue.

Gabriele Bungardt:

Acrylic on Canvas


Artist Statement:

I’m more interested in the shadows than the object, because the presence of the shadow (often overstated in my paintings) represents the light I crave so much, and which to me is equivalent to happiness. Light inspires my still lives and its’ depiction in my artwork is a form of homage to California and the lightness of being and positive attitudes that are a reflection of a culture that takes its essence from the presence of light.

Ken Draizen

Steel Sculpture


Mi’Chelle Fredrick:

Graphite and Watercolors


Artist Statement:

For me, it’s all about the details. Whether I’m working outdoors on a landscape or in my studio on a still life, my focus is on the details that make each object come to life on the page or canvas. I am fascinated by textures. It’s a challenge to convey the smoothness of a polished stone or the roughness of tree bark in a medium such as graphite. I enjoy that kind of challenge. I want the viewer to not only see the object as I saw it, but to get the feel of it as well.

Dan Granett


Artist Statement

Photography is an art and a science. Straddling both for over 5 decades gives me a perspective that welcomes technical breakthroughs in optics and software that “cheat nature” out of what we naively thought were limits to her laws.  Some of my photos are software derived composites of many focal plane slices of small subjects that could not be captured with such clarity otherwise. Extending my senses turns me on.  An amplifier that converts the ultrasonic voices of insects into human audible sounds, a visualizer of the normally invisible electromagnetic fields we are swimming in, – if it takes gadgets to extract some beauty out of the vast sea of energy and particles that is our reality, that’s just fine.

Chris Tedesco

Glass Art


Artist Statement:

“In my work, glass is transformed into three dimensional paintings of light and color. Complicated techniques used in the making of these pieces fade away as the presence of the artwork makes itself felt. The intention of my work is to create an environment for the viewer- a place where one feels encouraged to ponder and reflect.”

Elizabeth Zanzinger

Oil Painting


Artist Statement:

Elizabeth Zanzinger is an emerging artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. The developing theme in Elizabeth’s work explores the relationship between humanity and nature. Both are consuming forces in daily life, whether through technological advances or the inevitable decay of all things.  She views the life of an artist as a journey through continually evolving processes, whether the focus is technical or conceptual. She explores the beauty in that journey, the process, and the rendered material form with all of the work she creates.

Gabriele’s Art

21 Mar

Figurative, Still Life, Animal Portrait Paintings:

Beneath the Surface

DotCom_webObserving people has always fascinated me. Interpreting the content of a conversation or the context of a situation by observing only the visual cues is intriguing. Each of us superimposes our personal experiences upon every situation, reading between the lines to form our own impressions. Our interpretations of the same set of cues can be surprisingly different. Emotional interactions and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships are at the coreof my latest work. The subtle nuances of body language convey many meanings, and it is this ambiguity that I find most interesting. In this new series of paintings, entitled “Beneath the Surface”, my subjects appear in complex, emotionally charged scenes like performers in a play. They are strangers to us, yet we seem to know who they are. I have formed my own stories, but prefer to leave viewers just enough room to interpret the scenes from their point of view.


American Working Men

Migrant Workers2_mInspired by events in the news – the faltering economy, the Occupy Movement, the 99% –  my “American Working Man” Series depicts the daily struggle for survival that fills the lives of men and women across this country. These are the everyday heroes who scratch out a living and hope their paychecks will stretch far enough to cover the basics. Beyond these exhausted faces, we see the families who depend on them; we imagine their dreams and share in their hopes for a better future.This work is resolutely political. It makes visible the forgotten and consciously overlooked laborers who build the roads, houses, schools and warehouses that hold the aspirations, wealth and the dreams for the future of the classes just above them.

Still Lifes

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

The history of Still Life painting is about recording the everyday objects that make up most of the narrative of life. It’s a type of archaeology, determining class and wealth, daily activities, and documenting (in this case with paint) these observations so that they form a visual diary. The same is true of contemporary Still Life painting. These paintings are the pages of my own journal, a testament to daily routines and meditations.

Fully Loaded


Pet Portraits

My pet portraits are motivated by my love of animals. It’s really important to me that the portrait captures both the soul and the singular personality of each animal and I access this through the expression of the eyes. Looking into the eyes of your pet gives me a unique entry point into discerning the character of your dog or cat.

Custom Commissions Accepted. Contact ipaintyourpet@gmail.com